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Who We are
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Who we are?

From the heart of Brickell, founded in 2010 by Executive Director and CEO Aleyso Bridger, we are specialists in public relations, digital marketing, corporate communications for global brands, book publishing and content creation in the US and Latin America. Today, we are proud to say that our brand continues to walk the path steadily while holding our partner’s hands in the process of achieving success through their highest potential. 



Over $1.5 million ROI in media appearances


Our partner influencers have more than 20 million followers


Our campaigns have more than 25,000 million impressions


More than 100,000 views


More than 50.000 likes



We are committed to provide our clients with the most innovative brand, marketing, communications and public relations strategies for corporations and individuals


Public relations

We specialize in helping companies build and maintain a positive image in the marketplace. From crisis management to creating strategic communication campaigns, our team of public relations experts have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your career goals.

Advertising Campaigns

We carry out advertising campaigns with purpose, aligned to the brand image. Understanding your audience and their objectives, we design personalized advertising strategies to meet your needs. Whether you need to improve your brand visibility, improve your reputation, or grow your customer base, we can help you achieve it.

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Event planning

we create memorable experiences in the form of events to empower brands while raising awareness around them. From book publishing and product launches to experiential events highly accepted by the community. We focus on what's new in the world of our customers and share the new brand strategy with the world.

Working With the Best Media Partners

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We proudly display some of the most prominent clients.

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