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Meet Aleyso Bridger

I am Aleyso Bridger, CEO of Bridger Communications. I am writing you from my desk. I am eager to hear your ideas and bring them to life! Since 2010 in the USA I have worked tirelessly to help others make their dreams come to fruition with the creation and implementation of creative marketing . By doing so, I have made my own dream of becoming an entrepreneur my reality. 

Meet the Team

My team, our experience in international markets and the results we have created together with our partners.

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Who we are ?

From the heart of Brickell, founded in 2010 by Executive Director and CEO Aleyso Bridger, we are specialists in public relations, digital marketing, corporate communications for global brands, book publishing and content creation in the US and Latin America. Today, we are proud to say that our brand continues to walk the path steadily while holding our partner’s hands in the process of achieving success through their highest potential. 

Our values

We are a giant in progress. Creativity, connectivity and experience reside at the top of our values.

Our mission

We are here to create effective strategies and efficient platforms for our clients

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